Top 10 Best International Schools in Malaysia

With a large number of International Schools scattered across the country, it can be a challenge for parents to choose one that is both reputable and affordable. One way to help parents make their decision is to check out the top 10 best international school in Malaysia. Here are a few things that you may want to take into consideration when looking at a school.

Dayananda Sagar International School - Accueil | Facebook

Accreditation: A school’s accreditation is important, and it is especially important for private schools that may not be funded by governments or sponsored by a public agency. The accreditation will ensure that a school has met certain educational standards set by an international body. For private or religious schools, accreditation is often sought after by parents as an assurance that the school is safe. If a school is not accredited by an organization like the Global Education Forum, an organization that promotes and sanctions accreditation, parents should consider sending their children to an alternative school that is accredited by one of these organizations. There are many top 10 best international school in malaysia accredited by the GFE.

Location: Although parents may choose a school close to home, this may not be a good idea if the students have a long commute to school. It also pays to do your research, as some schools in Malaysia that offer good post-secondary programs are very remote. For this reason, you should look at whether the student populations are likely to have a high number of ex-pats on the faculty and see how the school’s students interact with each other. Are there any extracurricular activities that you would like to participate in? Do the students get to visit other countries? You may also want to find out how the school is compensated for housing, which can cost substantially more than your local home country.

Financial Resources: Most families here are middle class, and so it pays to find out what the financial resources are to go to the school of your choice. Some families have adequate funding to send their children, and for others, it may be something along the lines of a scholarship. As with any investment, the school you choose will determine if you get to keep the scholarships. In addition, the amount they pay for each term, placement and program is based on the funding available.

Characteristics of the School: Malaysian schools tend to be highly regarded by parents, who are usually happy to send their children to these schools. In fact, they are eager to give their tuition fees away! However, the schools here are usually not all that different from those in their own home country. The academic quality is comparable to that of public schools in most cases. They have good teachers, who encourage academics and have all the other features you would expect from a school.

Conclusion: Malaysia has schools that will make it to the top of your list. You just need to know which ones to look for. These schools may be expensive, but they can also provide a great education for your child. In addition, parents who want their children to receive a global curriculum will like Malaysia. Here, they can choose from schools, such as the Best International School in Malaysia, the International School of Bangkok or the International School of Singapore.

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